Custom Cabinets for Madison, WI

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History and that good, old hometown feeling are what you get when you reside in Madison, Wisconsin. The city is the capital of the state and the county seat of Dane County. Madison Metro serves as home to more than 250,000 residents and is, in many instances, the center of culture in Wisconsin. 

Standard vs. Custom Cabinets

Stock cabinets are those that come ready-made from the manufacturer. These products come in set sizes and don’t use all the available space. They are mass-produced and are not unique for your taste. 

Custom cabinets are the exact opposite of the standard counterparts. These products require the craftsmanship of a professional and are built to fit the needs of the buyer. You do not have to modify your space for cabinets, as you typically must do for stock cabinets. Custom cabinets are created according to your vision. 

Why You Should Hire Steve’s Custom Cabinets

We have been in business for more than 20 years and understand the true meaning of custom cabinetry. Quality design and attention-to-detail are two of many things we bring to the table. Our mission is to combine your vision with our expertise for a creation that is both unique and efficient. 

Steve’s Custom Cabinets also provides complete installation, which is included in the cost of your order. We believe in honest practices in business, which is why we never attach additional charges to your bill without ensuring that you are thoroughly informed about necessary changes to the invoice. 

We are happy to meet with all of our potential clients and guide you through the selection process of cabinet styles and designs. We work on all sorts of projects, including: 

Check out our gallery to see our past work. We are happy to help you plan your next renovation project. We will travel to you to hear what exactly you need from your project.

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Real Estate in Madison

Even in this twenty-first century, Madison still serves as the epicenter of its county and state. The real estate market is one of several areas where the city fuels the overall economy. 

The median home value of Madison Metro is $235,000 for a basic single-family home. This number is a six percent increase from last year when homes were worth just over $220,000. Property values in Madison are expected to continue to rise by just over three percent next year, further fueling economic health in the state. 

Real estate prices in Madison outrun those of the state of Wisconsin. The average home statewide sells for about $175,000, which is six percent more than what property sold for last year. Home values are also expected to rise in Wisconsin as a whole, though the increase is projected to be around 2.8 percent next year instead of the 3.1 percent increase in home values that Madison is slated to see shortly. 

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Getting Ready for Increase Means Preparing Your Home

Homeowners must work to see their home values rise to get the most out of projected real estate increases. 

Cabinet upgrades are the quickest way to see a return on home improvement investments. Such is especially the case when you are trying to sell property. Prospective buyers are more akin to pursuing homes where the kitchen is either new or remodeled. A complete overhaul, however, could cost thousands of dollars and take months, or even years, to finish. You are not looking to invest a lot of capital into a home that you plan to sell in coming weeks. 

Custom cabinets are the happy medium that provides the new feel that your kitchen needs to garner attention from potential buyers, and they won’t break the bank. Of course, there’s always the cheaper route of standard cabinets, but such is not the better way to go when you are trying to sell a home or increase its value for other reasons. 

History of Madison

Madison’s origins date back to 1829 when James Duane Doty purchased more than a thousand acres of swamp and forest land between Lakes Mendota and Monona. The former federal judge bought the property for the sole purpose of building a city, which is precisely what he did. More than 1,200 acres cost around $1,500 at the time. Such price pays the mortgage on a luxurious home in Madison for one month these days. 

The capital municipality of Wisconsin has a rich history that is evident in its name. In fact, Doty came up with the region’s title as a way to pay homage to the late President James Madison, who was the country’s fourth commander-in-chief.

Madison died on June 28, 1836, which was a little over five years after Doty finalized the purchase for the site of his future city. The former judge decided not only to name the region after the late president, but he also moved to honor the other 39 signers of the United State Constitution with streets named after them. 

Perhaps the thing most interesting about Madison is how the town became the state’s capital. Madison was a city in document only, yet managed to gain enough votes as the best choice for Wisconsin’s capital. Some believe that the rare decision was because of Doty’s choice to pay tribute to the country’s leaders. Many, however, recognized the region’s prime location as the reason why it garnered so many votes in favor of it becoming the state’s capital. 

Madison was home to an area near Milwaukee still under development at the time. New cities were constantly evolving to service the needs of the mining community, which served as the backbone of Dane County and several other surrounding regions. It only seemed logical to have the area in the middle of all the action serve as the state’s capital: Madison was that place.